A selection of compeition entries from 4L


Year 4 olympic poster competition!

Year 4, we’re having a poster compeition to see who can make the best poster advertising the Olympics and telling people about where it will take place.

You can use either Microsoft word, 2Publish, paint or any other program you’re confident using to make your poster.

Your poster will be judged on:

– If it’s eye-catching (colourful, sensible sized and easy to read writing)

-If it tells you something about the olympics that you think people maynot already know.

-If it has useful information (when, where, how to get there

– How original it is (you haven’t copied and pasted it all!)

Don’t put too much in your poster, keep it to one main idea and make it original.

Please upload your entries to Fronter, the 2012 room in the year 4 folder and Mrs Protsiv will put them on the blog for you. The winning posters (one from each class) will be announed on the first Thursday after half term.

***Good luck!****

Mrs Protsiv


My name is Elyse. I am in Year 4 at St Joseph’s in Leyton. I want to tell you a bit about  what they are going to do to the Olympic site after the Olympics, in 2013.  After the Olympics, in 2013, they are going to make into like a little park so we can play. All of us can go to the olympic site and use it as a park.  At the bottom half of the Olympic site, they have started to build houses where all the atletes can stay over night during the Olympic games. When the athletes go back to their homes  in 2013, they will sell those houses to us! We will be able to live there and have a house of our own where the athletes were staying. That would be so cool!!  All the pools are going to become local pools and will be like local swimming places.

This will be really fun!!